MacPool 11.0.0

A realistic pool game for Mac

A little game of pool is always good fun and MacPool makes it possible. View full description


  • Sleek graphics
  • Narrator voices
  • Advanced settings
  • Instructions


  • Online mode
  • Tricky mouse movements

Very good

A little game of pool is always good fun and MacPool makes it possible.

We liked the sleek graphics, the way the balls roll, the semi transparent interface window and the colors used in the game.

Hitting balls is all done by dragging your mouse to add force to your shot and calculate the angle. You use the arrow arrow keys to adjust the hitting point on the ball and add effects like top spin.

The game offers detailed instructions for anybody who might not know the rules of pool and the advanced settings, available from the top menu, allow you to set table cloth color or table quality (traction and cushions).

You can supposedly play online against competitors from anywhere in the world, but we never managed to connect with anyone when we tried out MacPool.

There's more than a dozen narrator voices to comment your play, some of them rather annoying and others amusing.

MacPool is an entertaining pool game for Mac.


  • * All five games now included. No more add-ons necessary
  • * Any license (MacPool, Carambola or Snooker) will unlock the full game
  • * Single game-room for all five games when playing online
  • * New intro sound

MacPool is a very realistic simulation of the popular 9-Ball pool game. Simple and easy to play, designed with our latest "Smoked Window" interface.

In Nine-Ball Billiards, you have to shoot the lowest ball on the table, and the one who pockets the nine-ball first wins. Just give it a try downloading the evaluation version.



MacPool 11.0.0